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Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung from China SCE Group won the title of "Quanzhou Philanthropist"

On February 20, 2024, in recognition of the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions in the field of charity, Quanzhou Municipal People's Government held the "Quanzhou Philanthropy Conference" and awarded Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung, Chairman of China SCE Group, the title of "Quanzhou Philanthropist". This was another such recognition and support from the government and all walks of life for Mr. Wong, following the first "Fujian Charity Award—Charitable Individual Award" in 2023.

As a representative of entrepreneurs originated from Fujian province, with gratitude to the nurture of his hometown and the development opportunities associated with the times, Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung has proactively participated in charity. He has been ranked among Top 10 Forbes China Philanthropy List and Hurun China Philanthropy List, and awarded such honorary titles as "Fujian Charity Star", "Xiamen Charity Star" and "Nan'an Philanthropist".

Quanzhou Philanthropy Conference aimed to implement the spirit of the General Secretary's important instructions on charity work and promote the sustained and healthy development of charity undertakings in Quanzhou. The conference has conferred awards such as "Quanzhou Philanthropist", "Quanzhou Philanthropy Family", "Quanzhou Philanthropy Ambassador" and "Quanzhou Philanthropy Enterprise (Institution)".

Amid vicissitudes, Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung and China SCE Group have persisted in delivering public good. Following the footsteps of forerunners in charity, Mr. Wong has marched side by side with colleagues in this regard. Together, they are striving to create value for the society. The public welfare undertakings are taking shape. With the affirmation and support of the government and society, Mr. Wong will keep working with all relevant parties for "a bright future for everyone"!